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There are so many little things in your house that over time can accumulate and create a messy home along with an unhealthy environment. Habits and routines are at the core of your life, but not all of these are typically the most beneficial for your lifestyle. Many of these are subconscious actions that simply need some attention to be altered.

One habit that lot of people grew up with doing is taking off shoes before entering the home. Over time though, these habits become less engrained in the lives of people through of all the chaos of a daily routine. By reverting your routine to this simple technique, your home will not only be much cleaner without the accumulation of dirt and mud from the outdoors, but also will reduce noise. You can also arrange specifically dedicated shoe storage and this storage will encourage both you and guests to remove footwear. It is an ideal way to constantly promote shoe removal through summer and winter.


Another way that you can dispel some messy home habits while increasing both aesthetics and practicality is by not letting your pets sit on the sofa. Cats and dogs trace in animal smells, hair that they have shed, and dirt from the outdoors. Though these may not affect you after living with your pet for years, those things are not always so welcoming to guests who visit. A way to fix this is through getting a dog/cat bed and encouraging your animal to spend its time there as opposed to the couch. Alternatively, you can apply a cover to your sofa on normal days that can be removed when there are visitors.


The floordrobe. It’s worse for some than it is for others. A floordrobe is when your floor becomes your wardrobe, just mindlessly throwing your clothing onto the floor after an extensive day at work. This can range from tossing coats over a chair to throwing everything from that day all over your room, both just creating a large mess… fast. This clutter can be resolved with just a little bit of effort and attention to your habits. Anything and everything you remove should immediately be hung on a hook, placed in a drawer, or tossed in the laundry basket.



A final tip that can become a great habit and also is extremely aesthetically appealing is the consistent laundering on linens on your bed. Both changing and washing sheets this not only gives your room an inviting presence, but it is also a way to help end a day on a relaxing and clean note. Little elements such as having silk pillowcases and plush throw at the foot of the bed will also unify the room.


These tips are a massive aide in unifying your home and getting rid of some of those messy habits that have been part of your life for years. Practicality and aesthetics are two elements of a home that really being a house together and make it a more welcoming and inviting space.

Rebecca Spiteri

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