Heat Control

The glorious sun. It is one of the most beautiful yet harmful things in the world. Soaking in the rays on a magnificent Saturday afternoon is truly the epitome of relaxation… until you go inside to find your skin tinted an aggressive shade of red. After that, all you really want to do is lounge inside and recover from the heat that previously just assaulted you, but that is impossible because your home has been infiltrated by that same warmth which was outside. There are lots of ways to how you can change the temperature of your home without racking up enormous electricity bills which are easy to do but entirely beneficial.


One simple thing that prevents unwanted heat from accumulating in your home is simply closing the blinds. Approximately 30% of unwanted heat comes through windows, but this can be battled through the use of shades and curtains. When glass refracts light into a room, its heat is intensified so by closing the blinds you will be able to reduce that sun and temperature exposure. This will also lower your electricity will because it will naturally lower the temperature in your home.



Using clever fan strategies as opposed to cranking up the air conditioning is another way to help make your home cooler at a lower cost. All that is needed for this method is a bowl, ice, and a fan. Simply place the ice in the bowl and place it directly in front of the fan. When on, the air from the device will me far cooler than it would be normally. This will allow you to reduce your air conditioning, therefore allowing your expenditure to decrease. It will create a chilled and misty temperature and overall pleasant atmosphere to be in.


Changing your bedding on a regular basis, approximately every 2 weeks, is another great way to freshen up a room and adjust its temperature. Cotton sheets are best suited for summer months because they breathe easier and stay cooler than flannel. Silk pillow covers are also extremely effective in keeping temperatures down at night. To even intensify the air circulation, investing in buckwheat pillows to put under the silk cases are an additional way to increase that at night. These pillows have naturally occurring air space between them and do not carry body heat like conventional pillows.


There are two ways that you can make yourself feel cooler – through external environmental factors, or through internal physical factors. To make your surroundings feel cooler, turning on both the bathroom fan or exhaust fan in your kitchen will help because they pull out the rising hot air out of your home. For the physical factors to lower your personal body temperature, you can apply a cold cloth to strong-pulsed areas like the neck and the wrist. Constant hydration is another way to keep your body temperature down.


All of these tactics are extremely efficient in keeping yourself cool in the hot summer months. As the days get longer and hotter, awareness of your bodies needs are vital to stay healthy and to have an enjoyable summer.

Rebecca Spiteri

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