July Home Checklist

With summer in full roar and the beautiful weather making the long days pleasant and relaxing, some easy home tasks must be done to ensure that the month of July goes off without a hitch.

With this year being Canada 150, demonstrate your country pride and unfurl a maple leaf flag to demonstrate your patriotism for our beautiful nation. Don’t miss out on the festivities taking place at Parliament hill, it is bound to be an unforgettable day filled with a sea of red and white people roaming the streets of our nations capital.


An important thing to do to ensure the safety of your family through the seasonal shift is to check the status of the safety devices in your home. Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors should be checked on a regular and monthly basis with batteries changed as needed. These devices require replacement after approximately 10 years and their importance should not be overlooked. If renewing your systems, interconnected smoke detectors are the safest because they hold the strongest likelihood for everyone in the house to hear the alarm.


With the strong rays of sunlight that enter your home through the windows on these lovely days, you need to give these windows a quick rinse with glass cleaner or a vinegar solution to ensure that grime does not accumulate. If you want to avoid using a ladder for the higher floors in your home, you can reach exterior windows with a window-washing hose, or simply hire a service to get the job done for you.


Nothing says summer quite like fresh white linens do. By refreshing your sheets and keeping your white textiles looking their best, your rooms will instantly have a lean and crisp atmosphere to them and those rooms will embrace summer. This also applies to the drapes and blinds in your room and keeping them clear of lint and any dust residue. Also be sure that there are areas with shade in your yard. With ample shady and cool spots to sit, you’ll likely find yourself wanting to spend more time lounging outdoors.


There are some great ways to prepare yourself and your home for the peak summer months. Don’t let the beautiful weather overpower you into relaxing and not tending to your home, because in the long run, it will be extremely beneficial.

Rebecca Spiteri

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