Storage Hacks

Everyone has stuff. Whether it’s a little or a lot, sometimes the stuff that you own is missing a permanent spot to stay and cluttering up various spaces in your house. As we go through life, we accumulate an increasing quantity of items that we do not have enough storage for but there are lots of ways to more efficiently store your belongings!



One nifty hack that can be done in your home that looks rustic and unique is installing a pegboard in the kitchen for hanging various pots, pans, and baskets. Not only is this awesome aesthetically, but it actually is a very useful way to conserve space. Be wary when having children over though, because seeing all the cooking instruments lined up on the wall would appear as an open invitation to host a musical concert with those pots and pans.




A super easy way to not only conserve space but also reduce frustration is to put Velcro on T.V. remotes and controllers. By doing this, they’ll always have a “home base” to return them to after use and they won’t be lost between the couch cushions when you’re trying to binge watching your favourite netflix show. Similar to this, making a home base for your tweezers will also decrease any nuisances to your daily routine. By simply attaching a magnet to a cabinet in your washroom, you’ll always know where to find your tweezers and never have to worry about your eyebrows being astray.



Paper towel rolls are the bane of storage because they take up so much space when bought in bulk. They fill the floor of your pantry and make it impossible to reach anything because they create such an obstacle. A way to fix this problem is to hang shoe storage containment in the storage room where you keep paper towel and stack them in that. This will make getting to the cleaning supplies easier because they’ll all be beautifully stacked right in front of you.




A final useful storage tip that also uses shoe storage holders is to place them inside of bathroom cabinets to store washroom supplies like soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. This will not only declutter both your washroom and pantry, but also will overall make your washroom more organized and make finding your items easier!


These few storage hacks will really help to create space in your home. There are hundreds more that you can implement in your house to further increase the amount of space that you have available, and you can find some here!

Rebecca Spiteri

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