When to meet with a REALTOR®

When you think of that question of when to meet with a REALTOR®, the first answer that most people will typically think to is “when I’m thinking of selling or buying a home”. Though that is one correct time, there are earlier occasions where you can preeminently be thinking about this major life decisions of moving. Relocating requires lots of planning and to make the process go as smoothly as possible, the right decisions have to be made is accordance with proper timelines.

Some good reasons to meet with a Realtor range from simply having a question about the local market to making the final decision to buy or sell. Some things that a Realtor can inform you about is the current value of your property, so that you know what it would likely sell for in today’s market. Reaching out to a Realtor is also a beneficial decision if you had previously noticed a home listed for sale in a desirable neighborhood and you are interested in learning more, or you even simply want to learn more about the homes in a specific area.

A Realtor will be able to help answer all questions and tend to the concerns that you have about moving. They help support you in this exciting and stressful time and will make the overall process much easier for a home buyer or seller.

Rebecca Spiteri

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