Summer Living

With this beautiful summer season in full spring, there are lots of little things that you can do in your home to tweak it into a breezy summer oasis. As the days get longer and the nights get warmer, having these beautiful areas in your home will help to create an unhurried atmosphere in a relaxing space. Summer is all about easy outdoors living, and having those perfect spots for relaxing with a good book is one of the most important aspects of these months. There are lots of creative ways that you can bring that summer ambiance into your home that are inexpensive and easy to implement.

One important thing to remember during these months is that less stuff equals a simpler life. When summer comes around, people want to lighten their loads and let go of clutter in their house. By boxing some of your items away that you don’t use on the daily, you will be giving yourself space to breath and room to relax. Along with this important decluttering, thinking about putting away your electronic devices and spending time outside or with a good book is not only soothing for the soul, but also beneficial for your mind and body, given that the harsh screens of our devices strain our eyes.


Decorating your home to have the appearance of summer is also a vital aspect in feeling the summer atmosphere. One easy way to make this happen is through getting all of your décor from the farmers market and the beach. These types of objects are not only beautiful, but you will be supporting your local community by having them in your home. You can put emphasis with decorating in common areas so that guests can see all the beautiful pieces that you have collected. It is also important to prepare those common spots with some cozy items in the case that nasty weather rolls in so that guests can be comfortable despite Mother Nature’s wrath. Nautical stripes are also a fun way to bring in the feeling of the ocean to your home.


Another fun way to spice up your home in the summer is to set out a rolling bar in the backyard. A pretty tray with a few glasses and a pile is limes all you need to be ready for summer drinks. Having this bar inside is also a feasible option. You can easily restyle your kitchen shelves so clear up room for those bar essentials, or simply offload the clutter from your kitchen. Additionally, the extra breathing space will make it feel like you’re cooking in a vacation home.



By using some of these useful tips and tricks, you’ll be able to transfigure your summer life into the perfect siesta and not endure the stress of a chaotic lifestyle. Summer is the time of year that calls for relaxation and leisure, and by absorbing some of the information about living a breezy summer lifestyle, your overall summer will prove to be far more enjoyable.

Rebecca Spiteri

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