August Home Checklist

The longest days of the year have finally arrived! Warm days and extended nights are at their peak, and soaking in these last few weeks of the beautiful  weather are vital before getting back into routine. Savoring pleasure, squeezing in last minute summer project, and getting ready for the upcoming season are all important things to keep in mind as the month progresses. By using some of the things on this August to do list, you will be able to create the perfect August plan to go through the month seamlessly.

There are lots of simple things that can be done in less than an hour to prepare yourself and home for the upcoming months. A simple organization task that can be done is setting up a shared family calendar. Through having this communal space to note important dates and occurring events, you’ll be certified to not miss any prevalent moment in your family life. Another thing to do to make your home life easier for the rest of summer is to clear out your fridge and counter to reduce clutter and increase workspace. Food that you want to dispose of can also be donated to local food pantries.



There are also projects that you can undergo that take more time to complete. If you have accumulated an arsenal of wonderful vacation and family photos, you can spend an afternoon to take the opportunity to organize and sort these pictures, backing them up onto your digital database or creating photo albums. Deep cleaning carpets and floors in your house is also an important thing to do, because dirt and sand undoubtedly has been tracked into your home and accumulated over the past months. This cleaning can be done simply with a vacuum and mop, or a professional service can be invested in. Something that you can do that can be time consuming but also for your personal benefit is organizing and cleaning your closets to make space for fall shopping. Replenishing your wardrobe at the start of the new season is vital, because your summer clothing is probably not equipped to stand against the colder weather. By organizing and purging your closet of clothing you don’t wear or can’t wear in the coming months, you will be more prepared for autumn.

A final task to add to your august to-do list is to clean and organize your garage. This is undoubtedly the more foreboding and difficult chore to complete, especially if you have not cleaned that area in while, and will likely take at least a weekend to complete, if not longer. Once you clear all the clutter, you can chose if you have any donations that you can make to local charities or throw away items that have to be disposed of.



By using some of the tips to prepare your home for August, the month will not only proceed seamlessly, but you will also have your home prepared for the new season once summer ends.

Rebecca Spiteri

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