Colour and Accents

Colour has become such a vibrant part of what our culture is today. Houses and rooms that have a pop of liveliness in either a dramatic or blushed hue generally receive more attention in comparison to those without. There are lots of subtle ways that you can apply stunning forms of colour in your home to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.


One thing that is not commonly thought of when decorating your home is to coordinate your outlets to the wall that they are on. By having a uniform appearance throughout the façade, there will be an overall unified appearance in the room, as the walls will consistently have one uninterrupted face. Colored outlets and wall plates are easily obtained at any lighting store or hardware store at inexpensive prices. In the kitchen, outlets may also be installed underneath cabinets to create a clutter-free backsplash.


Accent colours have been the entire buzz in the recent years ranging from accent walls to accent pillows. Recently, front doors have also been used to add a spark of vibrancy to the home. This is an ideal location to have additional tints of colour, as it is the first thing visitors’ see and one of the used items in your home. It helps to energize your entryway without having a need for other accents. In other rooms, bold wall colours may be used to make a unique geometric effect in contrast with lighter coloured ones.


In common areas, mismatched coloured chairs are an excellent way to brighten dining areas and create an energetic vibe. Having a consistent style to the seats ties the look together while the different tints make it fun and welcoming. Along with the varied colours of chairs, having a featured tone as a backwash to bookshelves also adds some excitement in a living room. This can have a very interesting effect in a room once the shelves are stacked with books because of the contrast of different shades. The effect of the colour may either be bold or subtle dependant on the selected tone and overall, the impact of the shelves will lift the atmosphere of the room.


Colour is an influences of mood and by having vibrant and positive colours in your home, the overall mantra of the home will be lifted and people will feel comfortable and at peace. Ranging from intense to faint, any implemented tint will make your home much more welcoming.

Dominique Milne

Dominique Milne has been one of Ottawa - Gatineau’s most trusted Lifestyle Real Estate Agents for more than 15 years. Providing direct, honest, and experienced guidance in both English and French, Dominique has carved an exclusive niche in the region built on loyal relationships with sophisticated buyers and sellers.

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