From Offer to Closing

Your offer is just that, an offer, until it has been accepted by both you and the seller. Once the offer has been presented to the seller, there are likely to be counter-offers going back and forth between the parties, until you come to an agreement.

If your offer is conditional on financing and building inspection, there will be a limited time period to fulfill those conditions, typically five business days. Dominique Milne will act as your coordinator for all activities from this point forward, and she’ll ensure that everything takes place within the time period stated in the agreement.

You will need to supply your financial institution with any outstanding information, and you will need to select a real estate lawyer (Dominique Milne can help you find the right choice).

Normally, the buyer accompanies the home inspector and the agent during the inspection. This could take anywhere from two to four hours, depending on the size of the home.

If necessary, Dominique Milne will work together with the seller’s representative to negotiate any major repairs that were pointed out during the inspection. Remember that routine maintenance and cosmetic items are not the kind of items that should be negotiated on. The purpose of the home inspection is to ensure you are not buying a home with major deficiencies.

Once your conditions have been fulfilled, the lawyers will search the tile of the property and will ensure you are getting clear title, free from any liens and encumbrances.

This may sound overwhelming, but don’t worry, you are in good hands. Dominique Milne and her associates have been through this process many times, and will be there for your during the entire process.

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